Introducing the Genius API!

At Genius we rise and shine driven by an ambitious mission: to annotate the world.

We’re powered by an incredibly insightful, funny, and passionate community annotating millions of texts both on our site and now elsewhere on the Internet, thanks to our new Genius Beta tool. Whether we’re debating a reference on the new A$AP Rocky album or annotating Shakespeare’s Hamlet line by line, the vibe of Genius is one of playful yet sharp collective exchange that feels like a conversation among friends.

It’s exactly in this spirit of collaboration that we make a big announcement:

We’ve released the first public Genius API

We’re incredibly excited about this. There are four primary — and undeniably Genius — things you can do with the Genius API:

  1. Create, Manage & View Annotations — Add, edit, and view annotations on any piece of text on the Internet, or on any song hosted on
  2. Upvote & Downvote Annotations — Vote on annotations and earn Genius IQ in the process.
  3. Go Behind Your Favorite Artists & Songs — Build products that bring Genius’s millions of lyrics-based annotations to life.
  4. Search Our Musical Metadata — Dive into Genius’s rich library of musical metadata about artists, albums, and tracks to help power interactive experiences through any connected app or service.

We’ve seen how easily Genius can be integrated with reading tools like Instapaper — which we’re proud to announce as an early release partner — in a smart and instantly shareable way. We truly can’t wait to interact with other platforms and apps… especially the ones that have yet to be created.

If you’re interested in integrating your app, site, or service with the new Genius API, sign up here for more information.

We’re excited to see what you all build along with us.

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