August 2015

Lisa Wray, Android engineer at Genius, delivers a talk at Droidcon NYC on ‘paper’ typography in material design.  

July 2015

Yehuda Katz, co-founder of Tilde Inc., delivers the July keynote for Code Genius titled "What Other Languages Can Learn From Rust."

Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper, presents on Safari View Controller, Spotlight Search, & Content Blockers in iOS 9.

Lisa Wray, Android Engineer at Genius, presents on Typography on Android.

June 2015

Jacob Thornton delivers the June keynote for Code Genius titled "Cascading Shit Show."

Jim Grandpre, Lead Engineer at Spring, presents on Lambda Calculus.

John Crepezzi, Software Engineer at Genius, debuts the Genius API.

April 2015

Jeremy Ashkenas, Graphic Editor at the New York Times, delivers the April keynote for Code Genius titled "Semicolon Terminator 3 - Rise of the Transpilers."

David Desandro, Developer at Metafizzy, presents methods for incorporating physics into image galleries.

James Somers, Software Engineer at Genius, presents tools for making text images, allowing users to link to any line of text anywhere on the internet.

March 2015

John Resig, the creator of the jQuery library and engineer at Khan Academy, delivers the March keynote for Code Genius titled "Using JavaScript to Teach JavaScript."

Jenn Schiffer, Engineer at Bocoup, explains Bresenham's Line Algorithm.

John Crepezzi, Software Engineer at Genius, presents tools for working with minified JavaScript.

February 2015

Aaron Patterson, Ruby and Rails Core Team Member, and Senior Software Architect for Red Hat delivers the February keynote for Code Genius titled "OMG Ruby and Rails Performance!!!" 

Mat Brown, Software Engineer at Genius live codes a server that adds Genius annotations to any website.

January 2015 

Sandi Metz, author of Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby, debuts her new talk "Nothing is Something" at the inaugural Code Genius.

Tom Lehman, co-founder and CEO of Genius, gives a lightning talk at the inaugural Code Genius about "fuzzy annotation anchoring" – i.e., how Genius is able to associate annotations with their referents even after the text changes.